Joint Service – Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Every year, Christians Together in Central Ealing (CTCE) hold a joint service during the Week of Prayer for Christian
Unity (18th – 25th January). This January, the service is at St Andrew’s Ealing, Mount Park Road W5 2RS and is led by Sue McCoan,

15th Jan at 4pm,

The service has been prepared by the churches of Minneapolis and will explore the ways in which Christian
unity can contribute to racial justice. To quote from the CTBI (Churches Together in Britain and Ireland)
‘As we join with other Christians around the world for the Week of Prayer, we pray that our hearts will be
open to see and hear the many ways in which racism continues to destroy lives, and to discern the steps
we can take as individuals and communities to heal the hurts and build a better future for everyone.’

Peter Knowles

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